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Cover designs and interior illustrations for self-published books.

One Real Road

ORR Cover PRINTvGLOWY_edited.jpg
ORR illus sheet_edited.jpg

In 1986, the Aliens arrived on Earth.

Moments later, they were gone.

Among the countless inexplicable things they left behind was a machine said to grant the wish of any who can find it. If you believe the rumours.

Powerful artefacts are regularly found in the so-called 'Exclusion Zone'. Outlaws prowl this mind-bending wasteland looking for valuable scraps of impossible magic; they are known as the 'Stalkers'. Yet what kind of stalker could do anything more than scratch the surface of this alien world?

One day, a small white car drives towards the Zone...

Last of the Lamplight

Lamplight Cover Print v1_edited_edited.jpg

In the late 19th century of a world much like our own, the British Empire is facing down an environmental catastrophe that promises an apocalyptic winter: The Great Frost.

Most of the world will be uninhabitable within months. To preserve any chance of survival, the Imperial Exploration Company is dispatched to seek out the last untapped resources on Earth and build refuges to shield a chosen few.

It is a mission that must succeed, at any cost.

The Fire Margin

TFM PAPERBACK COVER copy_edited.jpg
TFM Cast special purple version.png

In a world not so far from Earth, that bubbles with dangers and delights, a hero in waiting begins history's greatest adventure!

Join the exiled prince Nuk Tashino as he stumbles from the gutter and into a wild ride to the four corners of his deep-fried planet. Witness his tempestuous tale of swords and sass, monsters and manga, robots and romance! Packed with wild action, ensnaring mysteries and non-consenual private healthcare, this far-future adventure teaches us the meaning of life, death and a smattering of the moreish degeneracy you'll find in between!

(Maybe they'll save the world or something too, but that's really besides the point.)

Stock up on chocolate, check yourself for parasites, and let the adventure begin!

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